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Den jydske Haandværkerskole

Ellemosevej 25

8370 Hadsten

Tlf: 89370100

Fax: 86915240

E-mail: djh(snabel_a)

CVR. 37709514

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Technical College Of Jutland

Vocational education (duration: 4 years – full time) is offered in the following fields:

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical engineering
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning
  • Plastics processing technology

Within refrigeration and plastics the college is national college.

Further and higher technical education (duration: 2 years - full time, on top of vocational education) is offered within electrical engineering and plastics processing technology.

In-service training is offered within all areas. The college has its own hotel and restaurant as people come from all over the country to attend courses.

The college has developed E-learning programmes within plastics processing technology and refrigeration. We have an E-learning network with colleges in Sweden, United Kingdom and France. Furthermore, all students are offered an option of official computer license (E-learning - EU-certificate) while attending college. All computers at the college are network-based and so is the OLC, which is open for all students from 08.00 AM to 11.00 PM. The college has partnerships with various colleges in Europe and is also a partner in TA3 (Trans-Atlantic Technology and Training Alliance, a 30-college alliance aimed at inter-institutional and international learning and innovation).

The college has long time experience in innovation & entrepreneurship at higher technical education level (diploma), aimed at students who wish to start up their own company or take over/be a partner in a company (often the young generation coming into a family business).

As the college is national college of two educational fields, it is accustomed to work with curriculum development at all levels. College staff have been deeply involved in the recent revision of the Danish Vocational Education Act.